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  • This is our main Competition line. In general the A-squad is for the more advanced percussionist that has been playing 2-4 years and has at least one year of a high school marching season behind them. It is not easy to get on this line as we look for the very best musicians. Your playing skill must be above average. C.R.E.A.M. A-Squad plays at grade levels 5-6 at a minimum. You must be able to sight read reasonably well. You must be able to learn music on your own at home. We do not teach at practice. We rehearse what you have already learned at home. You must be able to march with your instrument (we use harnesses) and learn routines quickly. WE PLAY COLLEGE LEVEL MUSIC WRITTEN BY COLLEGE INSTRUCTORS JUST FOR C.R.E.A.M.
  • It is difficult to make the snare line your first year. If you play snare at your school it's possible you may find yourself on Tenor or Bass drum. A-squad snare parts ARE HARD and will challenge you. Most snare players do not make our line until their junior or senior year.... some never make it.
  • Bass drums play split tonal parts. If you are only used to unison parts and can not read music on the same level as a snare then bass drum on A-squad will be difficult.
  • Tenor drums play with drums sticks, not mallets. The parts are often the same as the snare parts and are at least just as difficult. There is no playing for 4 counts and spinning mallets for 16. YOU WILL PLAY!
  • Cymbals play intricate parts. Twirling and free styling are not our primary goal. Again YOU WILL PLAY. There is little time for twirling and dancing during our show You should know how to read cymbal music!
  • Quint and Sexes... I don't know where to begin. ... Be "Sickriculous"!

Requirements for Membership


  • Must be at least in Middle school (7th grade) and no older than 21 to be considered for A or B Squad
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in the instrument of your choice using basic and advanced rudiments.
  • Mastery control of traditional grip style at various playing heights (2' to 14") and any stroke (single, double, and triple) using single and rebound techniques in perfect time
  • Mastery of the flam rudiment
  • Must demonstrate or learn the ability to march and play (straps B-squad, straps & harness A squad)
  • Must be able to read a minimum of Grade 3-4 level music (B squad) and Grade 5-6 level music (A squad)
  • Have the goal of attending (and marching) in College
  • Agree to a two year commitment in the C.R.E.A.M. program
  • Maintain a GPA of at least a B average
  • Be in good and regular standing at home and school
  • Cannot be involved in any other activity that consistently conflicts with C.R.E.A.M.
  • Commit to two hours a month of volunteer work with a younger line
  • Be able to practice once a week (normally Saturday or Sunday)
  • Be able to attend the majority of scheduled performances
  • Demonstrate strong self-discipline and be able to follow and adhere to procedure and all properly constituted authority.
  • Be able to meet the financial obligations of being a member and contribute to fundraising events.

Snares, Tenors, Bass, Quints
  • Play a double stroke roll open to close
  • Be able to name and play all the basic rudiments
  • Be able to name and play as many advanced and hybrid rudiements as you can
  • Prepare a solo of your chosing (providing music is optional)
  • Demonstrate your sticking ability while playing
  • Demonstrate the ability to sight read Grade 2 music
  • Demonstrate the ability to march and play
  • Play the designated audition piece
  • Be able to play nothing smaller then 18 inch cymbals
  • Play a double stroke roll open to close
  • Be able to name and play all the basic rudiments
  • Demonstrate your freestyle ability.
  • Demonstrate proper playing technique, (crash, ching choke, high hats, etc)
  • Demonstrate the ability to sight read music
  • Demonstrate the ability to march and play
  • Play the designated audition piece
Mallet Percussion
  • TBA


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