C.R.E.A.M. Percussion 2010 Auditions Results

After much deliberation the staff has completed compiling the results of the 2010 Season eight auditions.  Many factors went into our decision including the best interest of the percussionist as well as the needs of C.R.E.A.M.  Since we have limited spots available we of course could not put everybody on the instrument of their choice.  Our standards are very high as we strive to be the best.  We balanced the strengths and weaknesses of everybody.  Some had good form and could play but could not read music well.  Others had no trouble site reading music but were not strong enough on their desired instrument.

C.R.E.A.M. will have two drum lines this year.  The C.R.E.A.M. Competition Drum line and the C.R.E.A.M. Percussion Drum line.  We will formalize names later.  The Competition drum line will compete on a more advanced level and work on a higher grade of music.  The other line will still compete and travel but will take it at a slightly slower pace then the Competition line.  We feel that everybody has potential and we want everyone to have a chance to fulfill it to the best of their ability.  This year we did not turn anyone away but instead placed you where we felt your skills could be used the best and where you would be able to get the chance to learn and develop your skills.

There are no little parts or reject positions on a C.R.E.A.M. Drum line.  Tenor drummers must have equal skills to that of a snare drum player.  We use drumsticks instead of mallets so you must have excellent rudiment skills and be able to play the same music as a snare player.  The same holds true for Bass Drum. We play Tonal split parts so you must have excellent music reading ability and be able to play difficult snare parts on a bass drum.  We have found that snare players make excellent Tonal  Bass drummers. We want you to get better on your desired instrument so sometimes it is necessary to start on a level where you can grow into your full potential so that your desired outcomes and goals can be met.

If you did not make the Competition Line today you still have a chance to get on it.  We suggest you simply play on the Percussion Drum line until your skills improve and a spot opens up on the Competition line.  You can move up at anytime when we both feel you are ready.  At the same time just because you made the Competition line today does not mean you will stay on it.  Somebody can take your spot at anytime therefore it is a must that you learn and master the music and come to all practices. Everybody does not do well in an Audition. We understand this. If you did not do as well as you wanted to you now have a second chance to show your skills and move up...or down. Prove us wrong. Make us admit that we made a mistake.

On the page that follows if you see your name followed by an asterisk (*) that means that you have a choice.  You may play your desired instruments such as a snare on the Percussion line. OR you may play something else like a tenor or bass drum on the Competition line where we feel you will do very well.  You must pick one or the other.  You may not play on both lines.  In making your decision you have to evaluate what grade you are in, what you currently play in school and if your are planning on marching in college.  Remember short term sacrifice for long term goals.  Is it better to play Cymbals on the Competition squad or go to the Percussion line and get your skills up as a snare player so you can be more marketable to college band recruiters.  We suggest you humble yourself and think about your future.   While you make your decision I would remind you that
GARRICK WILSON first tried out and only made the Tenor line of what we called B-squad at the time.  Garrick worked at it and moved up to A-squad snare line and soon became C.R.E.A.M. section leader and one of the best percussionist we have ever had.  He is now marching at South Carolina State after having scholarship offers from both Norfolk and SCSU.  Remember that!

here for the results


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