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B-Squad is the best line for those that need another year or two to hone their skills. Many school percussion lines do not have dedicated instructors so you may not have been taught all of the skills you should have. After a year or two in B-squad you will be more then ready to enter the A-squad line. Most who make this line will basically have 1-2 years of playing with a marching line under their belt. You will likely be a high school freshmen or even a middle schooler. Most of our top notch players on A-squad started out on B-squad and worked their way up. This is the best line to introduce you to more difficult music, get your sight reading skills up and improve your marching skills. The B-squad plays grade level 3-4 music and often plays the same warm ups as A-squad. By the end of the C.R.E.A.M. season you will be playing some of A-squad music and in some cases our advanced players will play with A-squad for some engagements.

B-squad moves at a slightly slower pace then A-squad and adjust for those that need additional help. Music may be taught at times during rehearsal and base level techniques and improvement strategies are given.

The sectional requirements for B-Squad are similar to the A-Squad but perhaps a third less intense. Our goal is to challenge you and prepare your for A-squad and ultimately college.

Requirements for Membership


  • Must be at least in Middle school (6th grade) and no older than 21
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in the instrument of your choice using basic and advanced rudiments.
  • Mastery control of traditional grip style at various playing heights (2' to 14") and any stroke (single, double, and triple) using single and rebound techniques in perfect time
  • Mastery of the flam rudiment
  • Must demonstrate or learn the ability to march and play (straps B-squad, straps & harness A squad)
  • Must be able to read a minimum of Grade 3-4 level music
  • Have the goal of attending (and marching) in College
  • Agree to a two year commitment in the C.R.E.A.M. program
  • Maintain a GPA of at least a B average
  • Be in good and regular standing at home and school
  • Cannot be involved in any other activity that consistently conflicts with C.R.E.A.M.
  • Commit to two hours a month of volunteer work with a younger line
  • Be able to practice once a week (normally Saturday or Sunday)
  • Be able to attend the majority of scheduled performances
  • Demonstrate strong self-discipline and be able to follow and adhere to procedure and all properly constituted authority.
  • Be able to meet the financial obligations of being a member and contribute to fundraising events.

Snares, Tenors, Bass, Quints
  • Play a double stroke roll open to close
  • Be able to name and play all the basic rudiments
  • Be able to name and play as many advanced and hybrid rudiments as you can
  • Prepare a solo of your choosing (providing music is optional)
  • Demonstrate your sticking ability while playing
  • Demonstrate the ability to sight read Grade 3 music
  • Demonstrate the ability to march and play
  • Play the designated audition piece
  • Be able to play nothing smaller then 18 inch cymbals
  • Play a double stroke roll open to close
  • Be able to name and play all the basic rudiments
  • Demonstrate your freestyle ability.
  • Demonstrate proper playing technique, (crash, ching choke, high hats, etc)
  • Demonstrate the ability to sight read music
  • Demonstrate the ability to march and play
  • Play the designated audition piece


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